Is global warming making polar bears go extinct?

The global warming doomsayers always use the example of the waning polar population as an indication of the terrible effects that human activity is having on the planet. But are the polar bears really dying out?

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Google "polar bears going extinct as the result of global warming" and you will see a slew of links to articles trumpeting the impending extinction of the hapless polar bear as a clear signal that global warming is having a dire effect on our planet.

However, if you look further down in the result list, you will come across some links to rather interesting research that seems to counter this narrative.

Photos by Hans-Jurgen Mager and Alexander Hafemann on Unsplash

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Yes, they are
The links below maintain that polar bear numbers are falling and that they will soon be extinct due to climate change.
  Global Warming Is Driving Polar Bears Toward Extinction, Researchers Say   By century‚Äôs end, polar bears worldwide could become nearly extinct as a result of shrinking sea ice in the Arctic if climate change continues unabated, scientists said.
No, they are not
The links in this section maintain that the polar bear population is not declining. This does not mean that they deny that global warming is being exacerbated by mankind.
  Polar Bears - Bullish Or Bearish Outlook?   Thus article shows how polar bear populations are increasing even in the face of global warming and maintains that rising temperatures and the ban on hunting the bears may have a big impact on their population numbers.
  The Myth That the Polar Bear Population Is Declining   This article goes into how the media and, by extension, general populace got the idea that polar bears were on the verge of extinction.
  State Of The Polar Bear Report 2018   A research paper by Dr. Susan J. Crockford on polar bear populations as of 2018 and while not the most current data available, it points to a slightly increasing population.
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