How many collections and links can I create?
At the moment, users can create up to 1000 collections, each with up to 100 links.
What is the difference between a collection and a blog article?
A collection is essentially a repository of links to authoritative online sources that support an opinion or offer resources to expand upon a particular topic. A blog, in contrast, is, in most cases, a curated distillation of various sources or an opinion on a particular topic.
What happens if my link breaks?
We include a system that allows logged in visitors to mark links as broken. You will be able to review your broken links and either fix or removed them.
What about links to "bad" pages?
Logged in users can flag links to "bad" pages (spam, porn, wrong destination etc.), which are reported to our admin. These links are automatically hidden. You have the option of deleting bad links, but if more than a certain percentage of your links are reported in a specific time period, you will be suspended or removed along with all of your content.
What if someone maliciously flags my links?
We record the user id of everyone who reports a broken link or flags a link. If we notice that a member is doing so maliciously, they will be removed from the platform, along with all of their content.