Give Your Opinions Weight

Create trustworthy web content through link curation

And why should you want to create collections of authoritative links?

There are lots of reasons for wanting to create link collections.

For example, you can show off your expertise in a field of endeavor by collecting links to informative and interesting articles. You can use a link collection such as this as a resource for clients, prospects or people who may just be interested in what you do.

Or, you could collect links to support your opinion on a particular issue.

You may also want to create a link collection to draw together links to the best online articles and videos on a topic that is of interest to you.

As you see, there are literally endless possibilities.

links are an investment
use links to promote your goods and services
More than just links

Your link collections are not just lists of links. Every link collection includes the following features:

  • Create text links or to embed video links directly in the collection.
  • Links can be reordered.
  • Link Groups that allow you to display links with common themes together.
  • Create links that jump to specific points in articles or to specific time stamps in videos. Only works in Chrome and Opera web browsers.
  • Link tracking that allows you to see how many times each text link has been clicked.
  • Add descriptive text to groups and links.
  • Rate the quality of your links and provide an indication of how long they are to make it easier for your readers to select links to view.
  • Logged in members can add comments and reinforcing or countering links.
  • Add introductory text and image to your collection. This can be a few sentences or a full article.
  • Readers can easily copy the web address of the collection to share it with others. Collections can also be shared on social media.
  • Add a banner to each collection that promotes your business or allows you to promote affiliate or other revenue generating products.
Who know that links could be so exciting!

Use Your Way!

Here are a few ideas on how you can use link collections on

create resource collections
Create Resource Collections

Create links to authoritative articles exploring topics of interest to you. That could be anything from spiders to spindles, finance to fighter jets - whatever floats your boat.

build your own authoratative collections
Build Your Own Authoritative Resources

Show your expertise in a particular field by writing an insightful article along with links to your own articles and those of thought leaders and experts in your field or industry.

use your collection to support your argument
Present Your Argument

There is so much mis- and disinformation out there, that you may want somewhere you can prepare an arsenal of facts to back up your online arguments. allows you to do just that so that you can leave your opponents dumbfounded and unable to respond to your volley of facts.

create a personal collection
Personal Collections

Create collections of links for your own reference.

Monetize you Link Collections

We all have bills to pay so why not turn your lnkdit collections into a way to make you money. You do this by setting up a promotion (or, as we call it, a "promo") in your management area and then assigning that promo to the collection in your collection editor.

Your promo must be an image that has a link attached. It allows you to create an eye-catching way to promote your business or an affiliate link.

You can also embed affiliate links in your collection's article. However, you cannot create collection links that are affiliate links.